PT Fabric Media is a patented removeable re-positional fabric paper. Durable, versatile and
high impact, this material fills all applications in a world of high impact marketing and imaging.
This fabric material is available for pigment inks and eco-solvent and solvent inks and delivers a
non-glare, high resolution image. The media is no-rip, wrinkle and contour-stick and can be used
indoor or outdoor.
Unique Characteristics:
  • Durable, flexible, pliable and will not wrinkle or rip.
  • Re-usable and re-positionable and easy removed with no residue.
  • Effective indoors and outdoors.
  • Impervious to temperature changes and weather conditions and dries immediately.
  • Fine texture delivers high-quality impression every time.
PT Fabric Material
Removeable-Repositionable-Reuseable-Tear Resistant-Sticks Anywhere-Indoor and Outdoor
Digital Transfer Papers give you the opportunity to create transfers
with a color copier, an inkjet and or a thermal printer. Our transfer
paper is designed to eliminate jamming and misprinting and
consistently provide vibrant, full color presentations on a wide
gamut of items and fabrics.
HT-CLC: Recognizing that color laser printers technology is focusing on non fuser oil
printers and copiers,
we have introduced our HT-CLC transfer paper,which is designed for
creating full color transfers on white and pastel colored fabrics, such as 100% cotton,
poly-cotton and polyester. HT-CLC is engineered to provide jam-free printing in a variety of
laser printercopiers. The image created with HT-CLC is a very soft textured transfer and keeps
the coat base to a minimum. Available in 8 1/2" x 11", A4, 11" x 17" and A3 sheets.
Transfer II: For Inkjet, Bubble Jet and Thermal Printers our Transfer II inkjet transfer hot
peel paper provides a soft texture transfer that can be simply applied to
light colored cotton,
polyester, blends and some nylons and lyrca. Available in 8 1/2" x 11", A4, 11" x 17" and A3
Fabric II: This fabric material with an adhesive backing can be used in combination with
HT-CLC, Transfer II and dye sublimation transfer papers, as a solution for transferring
onto dark colored textiles. The back is coated with a unique adhesive that can be
applied to all types of textiles, plastic and metals. It will adhere without heat to a variety of
surfaces. Available in 8 1/2" x 11", A4, 11" x 17" and A3 sheets.
DS Fabric: The new fabric material with a non sticky adhesive backing only adheres to
T-Shirts when you heat press a
sublimation image transfer. This will save production time
and money as you only have to position the DS Fabric on your T-Shirt( cotton or 50/50), place
the sublimation transfer face down over DS fabric and heat press.  The pressure and heat of
the press with transfer the sublimation image at the same time the DS Fabric is fused to the
WS Decal Paper: The Water Slide New paper is to make NON fired decals only.  Porcelain
plates decorated with water slide decal can make a beautiful wall hanging but cannot be
used as food bearing plates. You can place in an oven for 12 to 15 minutes at 325 degrees.
This type of decal is not permanent in the same way as over the glaze fired porcelain or
china paint decals.
CM Ceramic Transfer Paper:  CM Transfer Paper works well on both fuser oil and
fuserless oil printers and dye sublimation printers.  The paper even prints well in the HP
As an alternative to high cost coated ceramic tiles for sublimation transfers we
have introduced the CM Transfer paper. The benefit  of this paper is you purchase uncoated
tiles from your local homecenter, which will save you 90% of the cost of your current poly
coated tiles, plus the shipping cost.
Product Code (see above
for description)
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" and A4
Size: 11" x 17" and A3
.36 cents per sheet**
.62 cents per sheet**
Transfer II
.45 cents per sheet**
.78 cents per sheet**
Fabric II
.95 cents per sheet**
$1.65 per sheet**
DS Fabric
.95 cents per sheet (min.
order 100 sheets to carton)
$1.65 per sheet (min order
100 sheets to carton)
WS Decal Paper
$1.98 per sheet(min order
200 sheets)
CM Transfer Paper
.45 cents per sheet**
.87 cents per sheet**
  **Minimum order 100
sheet . Over 1,000 call for
Analog Papers: Our analog papers(screen and offset) papers consistently meet your
production requirements. These papers are used by high volume commerical
manufacturers or small quantity orders. These are engineered to respond to the
demands of high speed production and are known for dimensional and horizontal stability
and superior release properties.
Tran S: This custom coated paper is designed for plastisol inks. Tran S has a unique coating that makes
use of water-based puff and inks possible.. Tran S is engineered to run on all types of screen
printing equipment
, for HOT peel release. Its stability allows you to hold registration pass after pass and
Tran S does not have problems with up and down curl.
Tran G: This paper was designed to create that shiny, glossy appeal that is popular today. It is stable
through any drier, pass after pass. It has 100% release, and won't leave any untransferred residue on
the paper. Tran G was formulated to
work with plastisol and litho inks and peels COLD.
Tran EX: This is a new formula that creates an easier release coating. Tran EX is coated with the same
dimensionally stable base customers demand for their
high speed equipment. Tran EX is waterproof
works well with plastisol, puff inks and particularly powder. Tran EX for fabric is a COLD 100%
Tran SP: This paper is the choice of major transfer manufacturers internationally. This uncoated,
fine-grained paper
consistently allows for a desireable 60/40 split when applied properly. It is made to
provide superior stability during the printing process, while inhibiting absorption of plasticizers which
extend a transfer's shelf life. Formulated with no-curl properties for use on high-speed presses, it
works well on any press. Lay down a clear coat of plastisol initially, and get a 80/20 split for more
detail. Peel HOT.
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PT Fabric Media,
Digital and Analog Transfer Paper
We take PRIDE in providing you with Dye Sublimation and Print products and services.
Exports, Inc.
Print Specifications:
  • Inkjet Printers: Epson, Hewlett Packard, Encad, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland Versa Cam
  • Other options: Offset or DI.
  • Inks: Pigment, Ultrachrome, UV
  • Eco-solvent and solvent Inks.
  • Dye Sublimation.
Product Code
1 to 10 Rolls
11 to 25 Rolls
Over 25 Rolls
13" x 100'
17" x 100'
24" x 100'
36" x 100'
42" x 100'
60" x 100'
$1.80 per sheet
PTES Fabric Material
Removeable-Repositionable-Reuseable-Tear Resistant-Sticks Anywhere-Indoor and
Dye Sublimation, Eco-Solvent and Solvent Inks
Product Code
1 to 10 Rolls
11 to 2 Rolls
Over 25 Rolls
12" x 18"
$2.00 per sheet
min. order 200
$1.80 per sheet
min. order 501
Calll for Quote
17" x 100'
Call for Quote
30" x 100'
Call for Quote
42" x 100'
Call for Quote
50" x 100'
Call for Quote
54" x 100'
Call for Quote
60" x 100'
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JET-PRO® SofStretch™ Heat Transfer Papers are designed for the heat
transfer of photos and images using ink jet printers to light colored T-
shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, coasters, puzzles and leather goods.
Choose garments that have a tight weave. This is particularly important
when transferring to sweatshirts.
JET-OPAQUE® Heat Transfer Papers are designed for the ink jet heat
transfer printing of photos and images to dark colored T-shirts,
sweatshirts, mousepads, puzzles and leather goods. Choose garments
that have a tight weave. This is particularly important when transferring
to sweatshirts.
Product Code (see above
for description)
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" and A4
Size: 11" x 17" and A3
JET-PRO® SofStretch
.65 cents per sheet
1.10 per sheet
1.20 cents per sheet
1.85 per sheet
  **Minimum order 100
sheet . Over 1,000 call for
Please call for other sizes of Jet Pro SofStretch and Jet-Opaque
transfer papers
Fine Art Giclee Reproduction Paper- This silky smooth surface balances the
natural characteristics of paper and the structural aesthetics demanded by artists. This
paper has a special matte coating, designed for high quality fine art, giclee, photographic
and decor art reproduction with Inkjet/Giclee technology. Compatible with Dye and
Pigmented inkjet systems both Thermal and Piezo head technology.

Fine Art, Giclee, Photo and Decor Art Reproduction
Photo restoration-Memory Albums and Photo Albums
Greeting Cards and Post Cards
Presentation art graphics for print display requirements

Product Specifications:
Thickness                Whiteness        Opacity                pH
0.44-0.46MM           80%                     98.95%                 7.9                       
Product Code
Quantity per Pack
8 1/2" x 11" (  33 Square Feet)
50 sheets
11" x 14" (  53 Square Feet)
50 sheets
11" x 17" (  65 Square Feet)
50 sheets
13" x 19" (  86 Square Feet)
50 sheets
17" x 22" (130 Square Feet)
50 sheets
36.4" x 48" (303 Square Feet)
25 sheets
17" x 49'  (   69 Square Feet)
1 Roll
24" x 49" (   98 Square Feet)
1 Roll
36" x 49' ( 147 Square Feet)
1 Roll
44" x 49' ( 180 Square Feet)
1 Roll
60" x 49' ( 245 Square Feet)
1 Roll
or email for quotation.
Fashion Flex Vinyl Transfer Media
Matt polyurethane material with special patterns and 3D structure representing fashionable effects for heat
transfer applications.
Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibres.

Thickness : 50-60 microns (USA : 2,2-2,4 mil) and 120 microns (USA : 4,7 mil). for 3D material.
Carrier : self-adhesive and transparent polyester.

Norm : Oekotex label standard 100 class II.
640 ARMY                       645 ARMY                          644 ARMY GREY               643 ARMY BLUE               641 ARMY SAND                  642 ARMY PINK
611 JEAN BLACK            610 JEAN                           650 TECHNO                      670 LITTLE                        652 WEDGE                             665 TARTAN RED
681 WHITE CARBON     621 PANTHER                620 LEOPARD                   630 COBRA                        631 PYTHON                     632 LIZARD                             651 BASKETBALL
662 WHITE LEATHER      622 ZEBRA                       623 PINK ZEBRA             624 GREEN ZEBRA         625 TIGER                           661 RED LEATHER              660 BROWN  
680 BLACK CARBON        690 STRIPES                   667 BEIGE TARTAN      682 GOLD CARBON         683 SILVER CARBON        689 BLUE CARBON             686 RED CARBON
14.76" X 5 YARDS
14.76" X 22 YARDS
All other designs