ARTTech is the sublimation ceramic tiles certified for residential application. The new
technology has allows us to have truely
architectural semi-glossy tiles for FLOOR and WALL
application and outdoor applications. Now you can personal  and enhance your home with
these striking images without worrying about their durability.

ARTTech tiles available for interior application and exterior application up to 5 years UV
protection for outdoor tiles. Note exterior tiles do have the added UV protection.

ARTTech tiles can be installed using any grout you desire and they can be cleaned using any
standard cleaning method.

Stock tiles available in 4" x 4", 6" x 6",12" x 12"  and 12" x 18"at this time. Custom sizes can be
provided, please call Coastal Exports, Inc. 954-474-1999 to discuss.

A series of Production Testing has been conducted as follows:

ASTM C650-04 "Resistance of Ceramic Tile to Chemical Substances"
                    16 chemicals dilutions where tested with no visual affect or pencil
                     test affect.
ASTM C1027-09 "Standard Test Method for Determining
             Visible Abrasion Resistance of Glazed Ceramic Tile"
Class 2 Residential achieved classification based onthe ANSI standards
ASTM C1378-04 "Determination of Resistance to Staining"
A series of staining agents where used with no visual affect
                      after cleaning procedures.
Mohns' Scratch Hardness
                     10 minerals where used in this test based on level of hardness and
                      our ARTTech tiles reached no. 7 Quartz.

Note: The results of all the above test are available please contact us at 954-474-1999 if you
would like test to be emailed to you.

Accelerated Weathering Test:
Today we have outdoor protection for UV coating for 5 years with a
Delta e of 1.
Resistance of residual satin percentage:
Our ARTTech tiles have 96% retention of our satin finish over 5 years.

Experience Tests:
  • We also conducted a boil test to make sure the coatings would not
    delaminate with outstanding results.
  • Wet saw cut test to determine if coating delaminates and again
outstanding results.
  • Grout testing using sanded grout no visual affect.

When recommend if tiles are wet do not walk as you can slip, please
make sure they are dry before anyone steps on the tiles as in standard
practice. The ARTTech where tested under the ANSI A137.1-2012 Section
9.6.1 " Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)
Coastal Exports, Inc.
Residential ARTTech Sublimation
Ceramic Tiles
Product Code
Quantity per
Price per Tile
ARTTech Interior residential
tile 4" x 4"
24 per case
ARTTech Interior residential
tile 6" x 6"
24 per case
ARTTech Interior residential
tile 12" x 12"
10 per case
ARTTech Exterior residential
tile 4" x 4"
24 per case
ARTTech Exterior residential
tile 6" x 6"
24 per case
ARTTech Exterior residential
tile 12" x 12" (ceramic)
10 per case
ARTTech Exterior residential
tile 12" x 12" (porcelain)
10 per case
ARTTech Exterior residential
tiles 12" x 18" (ceramic
10 per case
6000 Coral Ridge Dr., Suite 63
Coral Springs, Fl.  33076
Phone: 954-474-1999  Fax:
These 3 images are an example of custom imaged tiles each one is a 12" x 18" individual tile. Please ask
about custom tiles that can be provided for sublimation transfer for indoors and outdoor application. Call
Rick Brand 954-474-1999 or email him at for details and pricing